Get Clickin! Introductory Photography Course

This is an introductory online course for those wanting to document their everyday. Students will learn how to properly expose images in manual mode, learn how to control camera settings, and creatively showcase their own story.

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Is your digital camera collecting dust? It's time to pick it up and learn how to use it! This course is for anyone who wants to document their every day. I am a mom of three, so many of the examples include my kids. But the material is relevant for anyone who would like to learn how to use their camera in manual mode. It can be applied to any type of photography. 

Who This is For

• Learning how to create properly exposed images in manual mode

Course Structure

Topics Covered

• Knowing how to decide what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings to use

• Understanding how to meter and select focus

• Real life examples, tips + tricks

• 4 weekly PDFs to read at your own pace full of content and example images

• Videos summarizing key concepts

• Assignments to submit for feedback

• Opportunity to ask questions

• Private alumni Facebook group to continue growing and learning

Why you'll love this photography course:

• Photography is a great creative outlet — finding time each day for creativity makes you happier!

• Learning to use your camera lets you control the story you want your images to tell.

• By learning to shoot in manual mode, you slow down and are more intentional about the photos you take.

• Our private students-only Facebook group builds connections and accountability. 

• Being able to ask questions and receive feedback is  important when learning a new skill. Your course includes ask me questions and engage in a private alumni Facebook group. 

• It’s virtual, and you can work on the material at a time that is convenient for you!

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You'll learn to take better photos of your everyday life.

Photos from Past Students

“Rachael is there every step of the way with all the help you want.”

"I was sort of intimidated at first to take on my "big" camera, but after the first week I felt more confident than ever. Rachael is there every step of the way - you can get all the help you want. It's also inspiring to see her walk through the pictures with her kids in the videos. It shows that this is actually doable even if you have little ones at home!” 

"I found the PDFs and videos so helpful, and I loved that I could work through each of them at my own pace."

“I'm confident taking frame-worthy photos of my family.”

Thanks to Rachael's course Get Clickin!, I now know how to use my camera in manual mode and feel more confident taking photos of my family! Rachael breaks everything down in a very organized and easy to understand way. I started this course not having a clue to what I was doing and am ending 4 weeks later confident in taking photos that are frame-worthy for my family.”

"It feels so nice to have a new hobby and do something for me."

“Despite never meeting in person it felt like we did!”

"She really encourages you to use your own preferences when shooting. She explains how each setting can make a photo feel different and that it's up to you to create your vision, she's just teaching you how. The most important part is I now feel comfortable taking out my DSLR (the one I've had for almost 10 years and only used rarely in auto mode) and shooting awesome pictures. So glad I took this course."

“This is so much better than trying to look things up on the internet.”

"After just 4 weeks I am shocked by my understanding of the content and how to use my camera. Her course was extremely comprehensive with videos and examples to help. I would highly recommend her course if you have a camera and would love to learn to use it more!"

I took my first photography class nearly five years ago when my oldest was just one year old. I wanted to be able to document her growth and have a new hobby to keep me busy while my husband was in military training. 

Needless to say, I was hooked. Photography is so much more than just “pretty pictures.” Photography allows you to slow down and see the beauty in this world.

Now, I am excited to help you do the same.

I'm Rachael, and I can not wait to work with you.

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