I'm Rachael, and I believe everyone's story is worth documenting.

I strive to live each day wholeheartedly. Whether it is through my work or time with family, I am very intentional with what I do. Perhaps that is what drew me to photography: it offers a way to slow down, focus on this exact moment, and allows me to appreciate my beautifully chaotic and messy life.  I love teaching photography courses so that others may have this wonderful creative outlet for documenting their everyday lives. 


a few more things you should know: 

A photo can tell a complete story in a way that words never can, especially when it comes to everyday moments. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a brand, your story is worth documenting.

Celebrating the everyday is my why.

After living on the West and East coasts while my husband was in the military, my husband and our three children are so happy to call Columbus home.

Columbus, Ohio feels like home.

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Slowing down to spend quality time with loved ones is important to me. My husband and I started a lifestyle brand, Cozy Escapes, centered around a getaway mountain house in Virginia, and an online community that offers space for connection.

I encourage you to escape the chaos.

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My purpose is to inspire you to see life's simple beauty.

 I believe

Whether its through a photography class, mentoring session, or photo session, I hope you'll find that working with me is an opportunity for focus, simplicity, and intention.

Almost any wine is good so long as it’s open.

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